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Quick query about the Inca trail in March 2015
Neeraj H.
23. 8월. 2014. 13:55


Trust you are doing well.

I am planning to do the Inca trail in March of 2015 starting on 1st or 2nd of March. I intend to do the 4 day trek.

Can you please tell me around what time on the 4th day are we back in Cuzco? Is it advisable to take a flight back to Lima on the next day morning?

Looking forward to your response. Thanks!


Re: Quick query about the Inca trail in March 2015
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24. 8월. 2014. 16:01


Thank you for your email and your interest in our services. You will be back in Cusco late at night on the 4th day so there is no problem taking a flight to Lima the next day. Unless you want to rest before traveling. You could maybe chose a flight in the afternoon.

Best regards,

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