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Last update: 04. 10월. 2018.

살 칸테 (Salcantay) 트레킹 프레젠테이션

When we think of a Trek going to Machu Picchu, we think immediately of the Inca Trail Trek. The things that made its force, such as open to everybody, magnificent landscapes, archaeological sites all along the Trek, have become its weakness: endanger the Trail due to excessive crowd. That is why the Peruvian government decided not only to limit daily access but also to impose a strict regulation, maybe too strict for some people. We know how frustrating it is to not be able to do this Trek because, for one reason or another, we couldn't book 3 months in advance and there are no spaces left. An alternative needed to be found, offering sensibly the same thing but without the limitations. This alternative is the Salcantay Trek.

What is the Salcantay Trek?

Although the difficulty of this Trek is slightly harder than the difficulty of the Inca Trail, it is not a high level Trek. Of course, it is longer (5 days and not 4), higher, more wild; but this is also what makes it interesting. If we offer this Trek, it is because we know it won't deceive demanding people and nature, trekking and emotion lovers. The same emotions that make you feel invulnerable, alone in the world, on the top of the world; to sum up...alive!

However, we must not forget that the Trek is only one part of these emotions; the grand finale is at the end of the road, the arrival to Machu Picchu. If, like us, you are looking for a Trek that brings you all the sensations without having to be a trekking professional, the Salcantay Trek is for you.

The Salcantay is without any doubt an experience to be lived. It is destined for those who want to associate nature, archaeological sites, emotions and the Machu Picchu. Come and share with us some days of authentic happiness.
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